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Oh No, This Is Not For Me

This is one of the interstitial pieces from Songs From The Black Hole, a project previously discussed here in greater detail. Clocking in at around 44 seconds, it’s a short song more notable for its purpose in the rock opera’s story arc than it is for its musicality. Rivers Cuomo apparently found it integral to the story: “Oh No This Is Not For Me” is on both of the beta tracklists for the unfinished opus.

The song is a brief continuation of the conversation Jonas (Rivers’ character) and Maria (Joan Wasser’s character, although she was never contacted for the project) have been having for the past few songs, most recently “Come To My Pod.” Jonas realizes he is leading on his fellow space cadet and that he must put an end to it; Maria (here voiced by Cuomo himself, albeit pitch-shifted) tries to soothe him, but Jonas is too ashamed — seguing into the next song in the arc, “Tired Of Sex” (later finished and released as the opener to Pinkerton). Musically, “Oh No” is a jarring, staccato rocker that soon goes legato to symbolize the emotional release felt by Jonas in his admission of guilt. It’s a neat little thing, but one that would need to be heard in the context of a finished Songs From the Black Hole to be fully appreciated.