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Chief Auto Parts Jingle

Not exactly sure what the deal with this “song” is, but it’s dated 1994 and is apparently from an interview. It is, as its “title” suggests, a jingle for a southwestern automechanics chain called Chief Auto Parts (which, according to its Wiki, merged with AutoZone in 1998). I would guess this song was an improvised joke, but the vocal harmonies are a little too dead-on for it to be spontaneous. If anyone knows where this song came from, what it is (a cover of a jingle? an original jingle the band wrote?), or why they’re playing it, please do sound off in the comments.

(Update 10/18/08: Evidently, this is a jingle that was nigh inescapable in the early ’90s. Still leaves the question of why Weezer was playing it…)