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It’s a nice coincience that we get to discuss this track just around the time that MS posts his new interview with Weezer friend, webmaster and historian Karl Koch, because in truth, this kickstarter for the band’s quasi-official, live-recorded Summer Songs 2000 album is more the work of Koch than anyone actually in Weezer per se. In fact, it might as well be accredited to Koch’s sound collage project Karlophone, because that’s what this is. It samples perhaps almost exclusively from Brady Bunch dialogue and TV soundtrack, resulting in a whole lot of disorienting commotion and a bit of lower-school humor and narrative (the father’s voice is manipulated to say, “I don’t like girls…I like Greg.” His wife replies, “That isn’t right!” and so he concludes, “I don’t like Greg”). I’m really not sure what purpose it was meant to serve or what anyone in the band thought of it, since it feels rather pointless and doesn’t segue into “Modern Dukes” particularly well. The only thing ostensibly relating to Weezer or the songs on this slapdash, free download-only “album” is the beginning quotation, which ramblingly states, “With the way songs are nowadays, you can’t understand the words well enough to understand half of what they’re saying anyway” (paraphrase). This might be a reference to how it’s often hard to make out the lyrics on the songs that follow (or on either of the prior Weezer records, really), and how the band would also switch up lyrics almost every night to prevent the audience members from learning the words based off the previous night’s fan-made and Napster-distributed bootleg. But that hardly justifies its existence, or its awkward placement as track 1 on a disc otherwise full of hastily edited live recordings.

In all, it’s a pretty harmless tune that time has largely forgotten (hell, sometimes it seems like people have forgotten most of SS2K period!). Not particularly discussable nor interesting, though perhaps good for a onetime laugh.