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Also known as: “Serendipitous Jam,” “C’mon Let’s Go,” “It’s Only Rock’N’Roll,” and one of the worst pieces of detritus from an era that was mostly comprised of tossed-off schlock rock. In that sense, “Serendipity” is a Maladroit outtake par for course: another rudely generic rawk riff, a solo that scorches only in the redneck sense, mindless lyrics that retread (and malevolently shit all over) not only a recent song in the Weezer canon (“gimme some lovin’, gimme some lovin’, gimme some lovin’ / right now, you better do that”) but also a classic rock staple. Had this song been properly released, the litigious bastards in the Rolling Stones would’ve probably shot the Weez a lawsuit for the (fucking awful) chorus of, “If it’s only rock’n’roll / Why is music in my soul? / Turn it on, c’mon let’s go.”

Then again, it’s all over and out in just 90 seconds. But, as with “Change The World,” that doesn’t save it from being some of the worst 90 seconds in Weezer history.