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Fall Together

I do have moments I love on Maladroit, like ‘Falling For You.’ —Brian Bell, Alternative Press cover story, 2005 Of course, as the interviewer quickly points out in his article, “Falling For You” has nothing to do with Maladroit, and is rather a key moment in the band’s much-lauded Pinkerton album. A telling Freudian slip, […]


A 120-second hemorrhage of sub-Green Day derivative-derivative pop punk puke, this putrid piece of shit may not be the worst Weezer song ever released, but it’s certainly the least listenable. Beyond that I won’t even bother to acknowledge this song with sonic description, and the lyrics are total nonsense too, as evidenced by its original […]


I don’t think it’s unfair to say that, as a general rule, the closer is the most sincere and genuine song on any given Weezer album. (The only possible exception I can think of is The Blue Album‘s “Only In Dreams,” if only because it must compete with “Say It Ain’t So”) Which, for the […]


“Slob” has had a pretty interesting life, for a Weezer song. The tune was debuted during the Summer Songs 2000 tour, which found it sticking out in the memory of fans as a rare slab of raw emotion in a batch of Rivers Cuomo’s least personal songs to date. Truth be told, the semi-officially released […]

Space Rock

In general rock crit parlance, “space rock” refers to a subgenre innovated by bands like Pink Floyd in the 1970s, then revived and updated a couple decades later by the likes of Spacemen 3 and Failure (particulary on the latter’s masterpiece, Fantastic Planet). In Weezer parlance, however, “Space Rock” refers to probably the worst song off of Weezer’s […]

Keep Fishin’

Speaking of Homie, Rivers Cuomo introduced “Think About You” from the same show they played “Hot Tub” by comparing the opening riff to the Sesame Street theme song. The audience laughed, Fred Eltringham counted off the song, and indeed the opening chord progression bore a striking resemblance — but it wouldn’t be the last time […]

Burndt Jamb

“Burndt Jamb” is, without question, one of Maladroit’s finest tunes. It’s got a summery jazz-funk groove to it, the likes of which the band has seldom attempted prior or since. Rivers’ lyric, while simple, is decently effective, contrasting the bright pop milieu against some humdrum mopery.  It’s essentially three brief verses, the first of which referencing “gothic […]

Love Explosion

I pondered for a few moments on how to introduce Maladroit, and “Love Explosion” wound up being what I chose. This may seem like a bit of a dubious call to anyone familiar with the album, what with it being one of the less-remembered, late-album tracks…But I’m confident that I have good reason. I’ve always […]