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Love My Way

I’ve already spent some time explaining why the Red Album b-sides were such a letdown, so I won’t belabor the point here. But it suffices to say that with “Love My Way,” once again some very incomplete fraction of the band covered a good song poorly — in this case, drummer Pat Wilson does a solo guitar/voice performance of a Psychedelic Furs song. The original is a cool ’80s cheese-noir dance tune; the “Weezer” cover is one that misses the obvious point (this song just doesn’t work without the vibraphone) and goes for a more spare, haunting arrangement.

‘Twas the idea, at least. I was a bit harsh on the other Pat-sung Red b-side cover “Life’s What You Make It,” giving a sort-of listenable thing “The Very Worst” tag on the basis of sheer disappointment — but this one truly deserves it. Boring, snoring, chlorine.