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Category Archives: The Red Album

The Spider

I’m often accused of hyperbole on this here songblog, and I will concede that these claims aren’t always inaccurate. But this is one grand statement I can truly stand by: “The Spider” is the most misunderstood song Weezer has ever released. As the third of four “Deluxe version” bonus tracks for 2008’s Red Album, “The […]

Heart Songs

Back in July of 2006, fans were preparing for yet another Weezer hiatus. In the second week of that month an article broke on titled Rivers Cuomo Says Weezer Are ‘Done’ For Now — Again. Despite the frontman’s expressed reluctance to create another Weezer album, he admitted that he was still finding excitement in […]


When I wrote about Red Album deluxe track/outtake “Miss Sweeney” I spoke of the euphoria of hearing a classic Weezer track so deep into the new millennium, and the band’s new arena rock/radio pop M.O. But “Sweeney” is far from the first post-Y2K sign of life. Perhaps the brightest beacon in memory came April 9, […]

Everybody Get Dangerous

In more ways than one, “Everybody Get Dangerous” was the first song from The Red Album that Weezer fans heard. Enterprising fans managed to snag a glimpse of the song from a scene in the flop comedy flick 21, where a brief clip of the song is buried on a distant radio in a poker […]

Thought I Knew

“Thought I Knew” is one of three songs off 2008’s Red Album to feature someone other than Rivers Cuomo on lead vocals. Those unfamiliar with the band’s history won’t appreciate just how surprising it was to hear that bit of news in the months before the album’s release. It hadn’t been since 1994’s Blue Album that […]


As it happens, the song Cuomo referred to as “Daydreamer” in his notes on “This Is The Way” wound up being titled “Dreamin.” That’s not all that had changed: instead of being 6 minutes long, it clocks in at a trimmer 5:12. And “Dreamin’” is perhaps the finest example of Cuomo’s tendency to overstate his […]