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A Glorious Moment

We’ve already discussed the infamous leg operation that contributed to all the pain in misery of Pinkerton – an X-ray is featured in the single art for “The Good Life” – but this little tape-recorder snippet takes Rivers Cuomo’s documentarian instincts a step further. Recorded the afternoon following the surgery, Cuomo reports he is “eating Saltines, drinking juice” after having just peed on his own “for the first time” (since yesterday, one presumes). “It was a glorious moment,” he says feebly. Publishing this clip is a funny and candid way to cap off Alone III: The Pinkerton Years, especially considering that disc was a companion to Cuomo’s journals dossier of the same time period. As with a similar track on the first Alone, though, it also underscores the ample wasted space on a CD that could have included legendary, still uncirculated demos like the solo piano recording of “Devotion.”

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  1. ScandalRove wrote:

    Although Alone III did turn out to be a bit disappointing* -at least we got Lisa though!- I do find something endearing about tracks like A Glorious Moment. I also think it’s pretty cool to see how Let Me Wash At Your Sink’s guitar parts ended up being No Other One.

    *Disappointing considering how legendary the Pinkerton era was, of course. As you said, there’s some ‘wasted space’ on both Alone III and Pinkerton Deluxe that makes me wonder if there’s really anything left in the vaults. We do know that the band doesn’t even have the recording of Superfriend with the key change, right? Maybe some recordings got lost or were too unpolished to be released, but then some of the lesser material in the Alone releases is also pretty rough so that point wouldn’t make any sense.

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