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I hesitate to call any one lost Weezer song “the one that got away,” because there are so many: Green era demos like “No Way” and “Burning Sun,” the Make Believe version of “Love is the Answer” (later desecrated by Raditude trendchasing and Sugar Ray’s Sugar Rayness) and other tantalizing outtakes of ’05 like “Last […]

The Bomb

Rivers Cuomo’s home demo cover of “The Bomb” ain’t much to revisit, but it sure is interesting for a single listen. First of all, this is a pre-Blue era cover of an Ice Cube song, of all things — the closing track from his 1990 West Coast rap magnum opus AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted. That alone […]

Buddy Holly

“Undone — The Sweater Song” was the first Weezer song to capture the imagination of the alt-rock nation (and in 1994, it really did have enough of a set perimeter and population to be called a “nation”), but “Buddy Holly” was the first to make the band pop superstars. And though the infallible melody and […]

Longtime Sunshine

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve put off writing this one for quite a while now. When it came up in the song randomizer, I knew there would be trouble. “Longtime Sunshine” is just one of those songs that is a real pain to do justice (ahem). In fact, I’m not quite sure it can be […]

Crazy One

“Crazy One” was perhaps the pleasantest surprise of Rivers Cuomo’s first-ever home demos compendium, Alone. Dated 1998, smack in the middle of that mysterious period of Weezer inactivity between Pinkerton‘s implosion (1997) and the band’s triumphant “reunion tour” (2000), “Crazy One” was tough to predict. 1997 was the year of Cuomo’s alt-country side-project Homie and experimental solo band […]

I Wish You Had An Axe Guitar

Clocking in at 36 seconds, this one is short like a couple of other Alone offerings (ex. “Ooh,” and a few Songs From The Black Hole transitions), but differs from those in that it’s…not actually music. Rather, it’s a clip (dated 1984!) of conversation from an early rehearsal between the members of Rivers Cuomo’s first band, Fury. […]


Recorded in the fall of 1992, this 47-second nugget didn’t see the light of day until the very end of 2007, on Rivers Cuomo’s solo demo compendium Alone. It is the sole a capella Cuomo song to see official release. The song, despite its obvious lack of lyrics or riffs, has its very own number in Cuomo’s Catalogue […]

Lover In The Snow

I’m not sure how this song originally leaked, but by the time of its official release on Rivers Cuomo’s Alone demo compilation of 2007, “Lover In The Snow” was a familiar recording to Weezer die-hards. It’s a rare artifact from the Dark Ages of Weezer, the 1997-1999 period during which Cuomo quietly remodeled his craft after the […]

This Is The Way

The buildup to The Red Album was pretty immense. After the success of Make Believe, it wasn’t unreasonable to expect a quick turnaround for the next record: in Weezer’s history, success has always made for quick follow-ups (The Blue Album gave rise to Pinkerton in a customary two years, while The Green Album‘s smash produced Maladroit […]