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Category Archives: Early Album 5

Hey Domingo!

Weezer goes reggae. Who would’ve thought? Thankfully the experiment was a brief one, limited to just this song — and as an experiment, it’s an interesting one. The Early Album 5 sessions were pretty curious: for the most part, it was a lazy extension of Rivers Cuomo’s largely uninspired, assembly line Maladroit-style writing, with most […]

Mansion Of Cardboard

Maladroit outtake “So Low” was far from a great song to begin with, but when the band rewrote and re-attempted the song as “Mansion of Cardboard” for what is known as the Early Album 5 sessions (essentially, an early and abortive run of recordings in 2002 for what eventually became 2005’s Make Believe), it could […]

The Organ Player

Billy Joel has always had a surprisingly strong influence on Rivers Cuomo, at least as far as this side of the new millennium is concerned. There’s the matter of Joel’s “Leningrad,” the introductory piano figure of which Cuomo shamelessly cribbed for the main melody line of 2001 b-side “I Do” — a surprisingly nice listen, […]


As I’ve mentioned before, few songs really stand out from the Summer Songs 2000 era. Even nearly a decade after the songs debuted to the public, it’s a little hard to tell them all apart sometimes. Lyrics overlap, certain sections of songs sound so nondescript that they could fit in just about anywhere, and the […]


Well, here’s one I never think about. That’s usually a bad sign when it comes to Early Album 5 songs — if I don’t remember one of the countless full-band demos Weezer was spewing on a weekly basis during this time and the Maladroit sessions just before it, I’ve probably forgotten it for a reason. On first […]

I Don’t Want Your Lovin’

You are cool, you are hot And you know, what you’ve got You can have anyone When you call, they will come But I won’t be a name upon your list I have way too much pride to go for this ‘Cause I don’t want your lovin’ I don’t want your love I don’t want […]

Private Message

“Private Message” is a song from the band’s aborted Early Album 5 sessions, which transpired during the spring and summer of 2002 (both predating and following the release of Maladroit). It’s a love song  with some pretty mystifying couplets, especially when heard in succession: I want you so badly Too bad that you slammed me And […]

She Who Is Militant

This one stems from the earliest of sessions for Make Believe, which actually began in 2002, before Maladroit was even released. Considering none of these songs made the final album (and because the sessions have a very distinct sound not at all like the album for which they were initially recorded), fans have copped to […]