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Little Sister

Just after I finish singing the praises of Rivers Cuomo’s 1997 output comes probably the least impressive song from that year: “Little Sister.” While unknown demo or rehearsal recordings of the song may exist, the only public airing it ever received was at a Rivers Cuomo solo show at T.T. the Bear’s in Boston, October […]

Autumn in Jayne

Hot on the heels of “Sheila Can Do (It)” comes another artifact from Rivers Cuomo’s unfinished 1997 sideproject, the Boston-based of Homie. While many of those songs were old demos and scrapped song ideas that Cuomo was repurposing, this one, “Autumn in Jayne” (a.k.a. “Autumn Jane,” a.k.a. “Autumn and Jane” — both of which […]

Sheila Can Do (It)

Interesting that this sunny little gem was one of just six songs Rivers Cuomo wrote in 1996 — especially when you consider what the other ones were. The song keeps impressive company, being written between two considerable pairs: “Across the Sea” with “The Good Life,” and “Falling For You” next to “Butterfly.” Indeed, that’s more […]

The Sister Song

One of the hundreds of tunes that Rivers Cuomo wrote in 2000, “The Sister Song” is one of the few from the era to have been placed on the semi-official live document, Summer Songs 2000, a document of the touring period named in the album’s title. It finds itself an interesting intersect of the many […]

Hey M’Darlin’

Good to finally get another song to discuss from Rivers Cuomo’s 1997 sideproject, Homie. Like “Hot Tub,” Cuomo demoed the song years before resuscitating it for his “goofball country” outlet — in fact, this one was written as early as 1991, the same year Cuomo wrote wildly different songs like “The Answer Man” and “The […]

Nirvana covers

Rivers Cuomo loves Nirvana. He was in fact so inspired by their breakthrough hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (and the rest of Nevermind) that he wrote about the experience of first hearing it on 2008’s nostaglic Red Album cut “Heart Songs.” (Kurt Cobain also got a reference in the original version of the brilliant Blue b-side […]

Ain’t Got Much Time

I’m not sure if I’m missing anything, but I only have one version of “Ain’t Got Much Time,” a live take from the Extended Hyper Midget Tour dated 2001/11/29. Although never released, it’s even shorter than the recently-discussed “Space Rock,” beginning and ending in a lean 100 seconds. The lyrics are typical Maladroit era excrement — “Why […]

Diamond Rings

Back in 2005, on the eve of Make Believe‘s release, guitarist Brian Bell remarked that the record’s second track, “Perfect Situation,” sounded like “Green Plus” to him. He was right — I can hear some traces of Green in “Situation” (namely its reuse of the opening bars from “Simple Pages,” more or less verbatim), and it’s a […]

The Dawn

It’s kind of surprising to find that this is not an Early Album 5 demo – it sure sounds like one. In fact, I think the lead guitar line was recast on “Hey Domingo!” from that era. But instead, this is a song that surfaced during Weezer’s 2001 Extended Hyper Midget Tour, technically making it an […]